The Last Peep of Sentinence

The Last Peep or the first of Sentience

I had my last peep of this world at the junction of Lakeshore and the Exh.

Beautiful blue sky I saw;

Water sparkling;

Trees nodding gently to the winds.

That was
my last peep of this world;   It was
also my first.

I was on a truck to somewhere –

which I know now – the slaughter house,

where I was slain and dismembered.


truck stopped at the junction’s

red light,

when I finally managed to squeeze
through the dense pack of my own kind, to arrive at the side of the truck with
many eyes;

after a
real long ride.



That was a
real long ride.

The wind
over my back was piercing cold.

My warm blood only started to flow again when
the truck began to slow down

on entering the city. It stopped

at the junction’s red light.


That was
my first peep of the world,

And also
my last.

I was
born into a dark pit with other piglets.

No room.

No light.

No activities to engage my body, my brain, my feelings, my voice.

My heart
grew dull but restless.

I, screaming and kicking.

came a slender two-legged animal – he came and pulled out my balls.

I was
knocked out by my pain.


When I
came to my consciousness again, I was different or subdued.

I ate
and slept as the two-legged animals wanted.

My weak
muscles found it difficult to bear my growing weight.


I ate and slept;

Ate and

Ate and

Ate and

Ate and

And put
on more weight,

as the two legged animals wanted.


One day,
the doors of the pit were thrown open. I was hustled through a narrow bridge
into the truck’s carriage.

in the middle, trying hard to breath.


It was a
long ride I told you. Do you remember that we all have a keen nose? which could
find buried mushrooms – the two legged called them Truffles.


It was a long ride. My legs were shaking.


I tried to hold myself, or could I?

Most people recognize these trucks/trains by their


and run for their lives.


It was a long ride –

At last, I found myself standing next to the many eyes of the truck,

with a burning thirst and hurting hunger,

or senses of being alive.


Finally, I was breathing and looking at the world.


That was my


and my last.


Did you happen to see me then?

It was 9:30 am, 11 August,

outside the Exh’s

when the truck turned into Tecumseth;

before I was gassed

and cut

into pieces.








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