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昨天參在新界坪輋/打鼓嶺坪洋公立學校寫生, 那是一間已被棄置6年的村校, 在東北被規劃的範圍之內, 空城計劃給參加者每人一個當年學生的小故事, 讓參加者用塑料彩繪畫下來, 我抽到的故事是: 學生在路上拾到一疊鈔票, 他交給學校的老師, 獲得學校頒贈錦旗獎勵…….故事是好, 但我想了很久, 要怎麼畫才不老土……..你們有主意嗎??? Continue reading

School Days with A pig – Making connections and getting stuck???!!!

  • I failed to get on a bus to go see the movie after a long wait in the rain for the cross harbour tunnel bus tonight, so I went home and watched it on the net instead. Very thought provoking……It is a drama about a teacher introducing a piglet to his graduating primary school class, and how the children who spent their days loving the little pig for one good school year challenged the initial agreement that the piglet should be eaten at the end of their school year. As barriers to let the piglet lives on begin to mount, they are being thrown into a difficult moral dilemma when they have to decide on the pig future before leaving school. Some film critics Continue reading