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Temple Grandin – a trapped in resolution to brutality

None of the animals in the husbandry industry have any moment of goodness, from their day one. As shown in the film, these animals are being tortured and humiliated even as they are walking to their final destiny. Temple Grandin is an autistic person with sensitive to the environment and to animals. In the film, she is only responding to this part of the cruelty that she could lay her Continue reading

自閉旅程Temple Grandin – 一個在困局內的好夢

工業化的畜牧屠宰流程裏, 動物生前都沒有任何安寧, 莫談享受. 在沒有她設計的系統, 那些動物在到屠房的小段路上, 如在片中所示, 所受到的更是驚嚇、 暴虐和屈辱。 愛動物的片中人只是一個對環境敏銳的自閉人仕,她在與屠場與學制的周旋間,以一己之力,設計了一個系統,希望那些動物可以在死前能夠有一刻的尊重,有一刻的好時光,逃過這些不仁, 即使那只是片刻安靈。挑選此片的目的, 並不是指那麼動物便為可吃,可用。而是剛剛相反。 Continue reading