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When lives are as cheap as those throw-away T-shirts

How my heart clenches this Sunday morning….Bangladesh…the place I first found children could be adorable…those big eyes with the longest eyelashes ever looking at me and little hands holding on my hands and sleeves as I walked through a flash flood torn village…..It was so many years ago and where are they now? Street urchins and orphans struggled through and grew up…just to be crushed? I could not bear this thought……Yes, what could we do? so many years of so called poverty alleviation and development works? what for? To cheer myself up, I might want to end with a happier note, otherwise……In support of the striking dockworkers, Hong Kong citizens chipped in a staggering HKD 7.5M to wage war against de tycoon of the city…….Awakening and justice starts from wherever that is closest to us……May power be to the people…ALWAYS. [sorry, Simon i have jammed in your post….for a place I once worked hard to mobilize the people of HK to support and changed the international aid policy back then.]


阿當夏娃真的沒有結婚, 也沒有擺酒, 最少是沒有記載…..

最近城中大有人替前天皇嫂不值,  待寢7年, 落得只是尾指上的一只「分介」。聽說有基督教團體連忙籌備支持婚姻制度的討會, 指這建制是用來保護女性的, 不讓男人傷害 — 天皇不結婚, 前天皇嫂便沒有得到名份帶來的保護。 國內有姊妹指此天皇為渣男, 白花了人家的青春, 是要不得的渣子。男歡女愛的事外人難於置喙,  我們倒可以討論一下婚姻可以保護些甚麼, 不可以保護些甚麼……. Continue reading

雨港 燥動

  1. 從小便愛看雨灑, 更愛雨打在肌膚上的感覺, 也愛雨後臭氧的氣息…..
    幸運地, , 我的中與小學都不是鬧市之內, 都要走一段綠樹林蔭的路才可到達, 沒有人管的孩子, 愛在雨中走走看看, 從不打傘……
    香港多雨, 今年的雨港, 要記下的是碼頭那兒的人頭聳動, 與工人一起奔走與留守, 為了他們應份的薪籌




1. 我們對懷著不同意念或走得太前的人的不接受和攻擊 (她的裙裝在娛圈近幾年流行了, 還是酷的代表)

2. 我們對不同性向者的不接受與歧視 (看霸王別姬和春光乍 他沒有得獎的理由, 特別是春)

3. 我們對憂鬱”症”和其藥品的侵害性的不認識, 不知其會加強其中一些人的自毀意識 (以及他毀意識)

4. 我們沒有反思和社會批判的能力, 10年了, 我們知道了些什麼.



舒琪:这部电影对张国荣是一种剥削 王家卫 电影

Warning: Antidepressants May Lead to Suicidal Tendencies